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Blogging 101 : Be brief

It was about to rain as I waited for the bus.  A woman came and sat next to me on the bench.  She was about fifty and looked like a middle class housewife.  She looked harried and lost as she rummaged through her old black bag.  It looked like a letter that she folded and placed it into her coat pocket.  An old rickety bus stopped and she hopped into it.

The bus moved away.  I saw a piece of folded paper next to me.  The woman must have left it behind.  I reached out for the letter which was crumbled and looked tear stained.  It read :

My dear Leena,

I think it’s about time we end this little episode of ours.  I need to get back to my life and you to yours. It is better this way.  Too many people could be hurt.  What will society say? I will miss you sorely but keep you in my heart.  


My heart went out to her.  She must be heading back to her loveless life and the rigmarole of being a housewife.  There must be so many souls out there looking for love and happiness – at any given point of age and time.


Free Writing – Blogging 101

Three important songs in my life, now let me think and go back to my childhood days.  Yes, the song that I learnt was ‘Ba Ba Black Sheep, have you any wool, yes sir yes sir, 3 bags full…’  A nursery rhyme – don’t know if you can call it a song.  Anyway, I must have been really small.  My mother tongue wasn’t English and began learning it from the first day at school and this song was the first song I learnt at that young age.  It didn’t make any sense to me but I opened my mouth as I tried copying the others.  Goodness, I never saw a sheep before so couldn’t contemplate what a wool was.  I was living in Singapore at that time and we all know it’s bang on the equator – hot and humid.  I guess this is the first English song everyone in the world who learns English learns to sing.  But I sang it anyway with the same intonation that the Singaporean teacher taught.  Till now I wonder why 3 bags of wool was needed. Coming to the second song – Humpty Dumpty.  The big eggs all dressed up amazed me.  Now why would eggs be decorated in the first place, I wondered.  I also wondered why all the king’s horses and men could not put HD together again – now I realize – the eggs were broken after their fall!  I guess children never ask why at that age and the teachers do not feel obligatory to explain. Now I really can’t think of the third song. Yes, there is a local song, quite an old one indeed.  It begins the word – best wishes – plenty of it – to her lost lover.  She is then leaving him with a shawl full of tears as evidence of her love for him.  She keeps on giving him good wishes for having been in a relationship which makes me cry whenever I hear this song.   I leave you to judge the sins and good deeds of us both, love and trust whether big or small too.  In return, for your happiness, I am leaving you.  I am crying as I leave.  You can walk upon my tears as you would on dirty water.   I have climbed high peaks to gain your belief and trust but the landslides on my chest brought me  falling down to the main road where I am walking away now. There is nothing about winning or losing here but I am leaving in defeat today.  Life is, after all, a play of sunshine or shadows , my best wishes and greetings to you again.  Goodbye.

A room with a view

I’d like to take you to a lakeside town in Pokhara where I visited the Begnas Lake some time ago.  I  vision myself building a log cabin next to the lake.  The room would look straight into the lake and the nearby hilly areas.  The view would be the greenish blue lake unfrequented by tourists.  I see a tiny little wooden boat to be used only when I need to.  Otherwise, throughout the day I’d be writing or sailing through the wilderness.

That ‘room with a view’ would be my dream come true. _DSC0086