Writing 101 : To whom it may concern

Dear Loss,

I know you’ve been with me through thick and thin. But somehow I dread your presence in my life.  You’ve witnessed the loss of my childhood to become a young woman only to be married to lose the comfort of my parents’ home.

OK stop smiling – I did enjoy having a normal life, but over the years I’ve experienced extreme losses – the gradual loss of my hair.  What I fail to understand is why did you have to take away the natural color too?  Also, I will never get over the loss of my youthful body when I could fit into anything nice and pretty.

Grow up Loss! Don’t you know that you’ve lost yourself in the process?  Why, we don’t even see you in person.  It must be hard going unnoticed only to be seen through someone else’s loss.  I can vouch you can’t grow old and die like us normal folks.  You must be everywhere and nowhere – how absurd is that?



2 thoughts on “Writing 101 : To whom it may concern

  1. I like it- it flows pretty well and it feels like an actual letter to an acquaintance. I enjoyed the breaks from the seriousness with the playful banter =)

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