Who am I and why I’m here – Blogging 101

Who am I? Now that’s a good question.  Well, I am just another ordinary human being with the usual humane problems and issues.  If you ask anyone if he/she is nice, then you will more or less get the answer – ‘yes I am a good human being’.  So this applies to me too, I am quite a good woman/mother/wife – the other ‘non-quite’ in me is also normal, believe me.

The reason I’m here is I want to connect with the bigger world outside and to see a bigger picture.  I’d like to practice some writing in this blog as English isn’t my mother tongue.  Also I like scribbling little stories and poems in my free time, some of which I’d like to share in this space.  I would appreciate feedback on them too which should help me in my writing journey.


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