My little holiday trip to Pokhara

Before the year ended I had to take some days off from work so I planned a road trip in our little jeep to take us to a beautiful little town called Pokhara which was about six hours drive away.  The jeep managed to crawl it’s way out of the dusty traffic of Kathmandu city. As we drove away from the polluted city, we could feel the fresh mountain air entering our being.  Yes, we were away from the routine, from the usual daily rigmarole, the office and the stress for once.  Now we could just be nothing and enjoy the drive.  We stopped at Mugling for a Thakali lunch consisting of a place of rice, black lentil soup, green veggies, mutton curry and pickles.Image 

We reached Pokhara a quiet little town around 3 pm and checked into Temple Tree Resort which had a typical Nepalese ambience.


The next morning after a sumptuous breakfast we ventured out.  The Fewa Lake was just a few blocks away. It’s a huge mountain lake fed by streams from the mountain ranges and is covered on all sides by hills, forests and with the majestic Annapurna mountain ranges.


A fisherman passed by all alone in the lake.  And then we saw this…



The Fish Tail Mountain which is part of the Annapurna Range.  Simply awesome. Can you see the shape of the fish tail in the picture?



And the Fewa Lake below.  We actually hiked up the hill for about an hour and a half to get this view.


The views were exhilarating.  I wished we could have stayed longer.  It feels like one of the most ideal place to stay for writers to spend some time, to just get lost and dream.


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