Jet lagged

Today I want to write on a topic of being jet lagged.  It isn’t a very interesting topic. I guess jet lag occurs when someone flies for more than five hours in a plane. 

I come from a south asian country.  When I visited Canada some two years ago.  I flew from Kathmandu reaching Delhi around eight in the night.  There was a long 7 hour transit. Though the airport was new and comfortable, it was still an airport.  One can’t sleep on a chair.  Well, I was wrong, I saw some could.  So I was wide awake until I boarded the flight which was about 5-6 hours to Germany with a couple of hours transit before finally departing for Toronto.  I had lost count of the time now.  I was losing time as I flew westwards.  I was about twelve hours behind.  I remember having reached the city and being picked up by my daughter.  I was seriously jet lagged for three days as I got up at odd hours of the day or kept sleeping continuously.

Recently, I was due to fly to Scotland.  I thought it wouldn’t be so bad as far as being jet lagged was concerned as it was almost half the distance I would have to cover compared to that of Canada.  I was recommended to fly at night so it was almost midnight when my flight took off to Doha which was about five hours away.  I didn’t sleep a wink.  I watched a movie instead.  Dinner was served at 2 a.m. my time. Then I tried to sleep.  I must have dozed off briefly.  We landed on time.  The airport was brightly lit and decided to move my legs.  After a four hour transit, we headed for London. Food was served in the next hour or so.  I was losing time, think it was three hours.  I think I had about two breakfasts and two lunches or dinners within a span of six hours. I stopped trying to think whether it was lunch or dinner or breakfast.  An omelette would signal breakfast.  I didn’t change my watch.  Now my eyes and my body was sore.  I got up to head for the toilet.  There was already a small queue there.

On reaching Heathrow Airport, I walked towards the terminal to board my connecting flight to Glasgow. Having flown so many hours, this hour and a half flight didn’t bother me at all.  When I reached my destination, I took a taxi to the hotel. After a quick shower and dinner I went to bed.  I was lethargic.  My body ached for a bed.  It was in the middle of the  night when I heard a buzzing sound, like that of a fire alarm.  I wanted it to stop but it went on and on.  After about five minutes I got up threw over a jacket and headed down to the reception area where guests were standing in their perfect attire while there I was in my pyjamas topped with a leather jacket.  I didn’t care, I was groggy.  It was a false alarm and we all got back to our rooms.





2 thoughts on “Jet lagged

  1. Everyone’s body is different, but when I travel out of my time zone I take a 0.5 mg tablet of melatonin a night for three nights, one hour before my normal bedtime and it takes care of the jet lag.

    Note: for readers who may not know, melatonin is hormone secreted by the pineal gland in the brain. It’s all natural and can be purchased (like vitamins) in a health food store.

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