Guavas in my backyard

Guavas in my backyard

A guava sapling was presented to me by a gardener some twenty years ago as we neared the completion of the house. He found a place to plant this on the little space behind the house. ‘This is a good guava sapling’, I was told. I believed him. It started bearing fruits two years later. I am told that an old fruit tree won’t bear good fruits as they age. But the guavas have been as tasty as it has ever been. They are crunchy when they are still greenish. They turn golden yellow when picked to keep aside. It gives out a sweetish creamy scent of its own. I wonder if we could make jam or pickle it.

I give some to my neighbours, friends and colleagues too. Soon the winter will dry out the leaves which begin to fall as the tree hibernate until the next fruity season. Until then, I don’t have the heart to axe it. So I let it be.

What do you do with old fruit trees?


4 thoughts on “Guavas in my backyard

  1. I guess with old fruit trees, if they don’t bear fruit, you just enjoy the leafy shade and beauty they produce. Enjoy the history of their existence! So your romantic novel with diaspora is being worked on? How soon to be released?

    • Hi Karen, I like your advice. I guess I’ll grow old with the tree. Having completed the first draft, I am now looking for a local publisher/editor to work with. I didn’t realise the ‘after writing’ process would be so cumbersome. Working full time and writing are two poles apart. But I must make this happen. I will keep you posted through my blog. Thanks.

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