Earthquakes and me

Well, ours is an earthquake zone being mountainous and hilly.  After heavy rains during the monsoons, the land gets wet leading to landslides and maybe a quake or two.  

It was in the middle of the night, sweet slumber. I felt a rocking sensation, left, right and left again. ‘Hey, did you feel that?’ I asked.  ‘Yes’, he said.  Then I went right back to sleep.  This was last week.

Next day it was all over the news. My friends were taken by storm.  ‘What did you do?’ they asked. ‘Oh, I felt it happen’, they waited.  ‘Then I went back to sleep’.  They gasped.

I think what I did was right for myself.  Why should I be getting worried over what I have no control over? And losing sleep in the bargain.  

I have taken quakes to be a part of my life. To remind me of nature.



One thought on “Earthquakes and me

  1. I have done the same in an office tower. I was reading a book in the twenty-fifth floor lunch room, I felt the earthquake, things rattled for a few minutes while I kept reading. ~ Dennis

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