The Daily Prompt : My Name

Yes, I am prompted to write about my name. The name that was given to me by my dad for my birth certificate before both my mom and I were discharged from the hospital.  I don’t know if he had already thought about it because most parents don’t.  Well in my case, I didn’t.  After the traumatic episode of child birth we never came forward with a name so both my children came home nameless.  When they were taken for their shots within the week, we both looked at each other and remained quiet. The nurse would say, ‘You guys haven’t decided on a name yet’. We hadn’t agreed on a name! It was my fault really. I didn’t want them to have a common name.  

Now coming to the point, my name is the great symbol of wealth! It is an ancient name. It was a large name, by far too large for an ordinary person like me. But I have lived with it.  The name has become an integral part of me.  It has become my brand.    



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