A birthday

Tomorrow will be the day I was born.  26th August.  A Virgo.

The monsoon rains hadn’t quite gone yet.  It was in the dead of night a girl child came into the world. I was her first child.  She was a young woman giving birth in a foreign land, far away from home.

I have come a long way since then.  Birthdays come and go reminding me of the year just ended. But a new year begins for me.

‘Don’t lose that hope, girl,’ I tell myself.Image

I will wake up tomorrow to face yet another cycle of my date of birth.  And life must go on – happy birthday to me.


15 thoughts on “A birthday

    • Thank you Briana. I am off today so just had a late breakfast and maybe go out during the day. It’s 9 am as I write, the winds are blowing, the sun has hidden, it rained like crazy last night – but I love this weather anyway.

    • A very belated happy birthday to you to Irene. I hope you had a nice birthday. Scotland must be a beautiful place. I shall be going there in late Oct and plan to see castles and lochs.I guess it will be cold by then. Have you even been to Nepal? I am asking this because I am from Nepal. Goodbye birthday friend.

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