I cried again…

I cried again.

Yes, I watched a matinee show yesterday and tears rushed to my eyes.  My eyeliner smudged.  I didn’t care.  The feeling was so intense.  I removed my glasses and wiped away the tears with my bare hands.  A teardrop or two sailed into my lips.   It was salty, almost bitter.  No sweetness at all.

The moral of the story was a battered childhood where he saw his people being slashed by intruders, his running away in refuge, his gradual growth into a man and finally becoming world famous.  It wasn’t easy sailing.  It was perseverance, diligence, hard work, discipline and principles.

It was truly a moving story.  But most of us are ordinary people doing ordinary work but at times even we are forced to place our principles on hold or else face the brunt.  If you stick by your guns, you find yourself landing nowhere.  But in the end aren’t we all human?  Aren’t we suppose to live in harmony?

Animal instincts for survival prevail.  It’s the survival of the fittest, they say. But should it be at the cost of hurting another and sending him packing off.  His head is not bitten off or his body consumed.  That would have given him an abrupt ending.  But in our world it is premeditated, indirect, mental and slow.  He is left with no option but to leave for uncertainty.   It is as good as severing the food chain for the person and his dependents but at what cost?

A promotion.  While he perish.  Was that worth it?


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