Behind the beautiful smile

Behind the beautiful smile

My beautiful friend smiled at me
Over a cup of coffee we met
But beyond the smile I sensed
A façade hiding life’s dark secrets

Her eyes glitter with moisture
She looks away nervously blinking
Pursing her lips to begin her smile
But I couldn’t be fooled no more

Her arched brow furrows deeply
With confusion and endless pain
The lovely locks shine lifelessly
Her cheeks now burn in flames

She looks up at me to say,
‘I am not what you see, dear
They have tamed my feelings
I am but a chainless prisoner

In search of perfection
They dehumanised me
So be careful, my friend
I am not what you see

I loathe to reach that house
Ultimately it’s my home, I fear
But a home without refuge?
Lonesome amongst them all

She gets up wearily to leave
‘Can I take you home?’ I say
‘I have no home to call my own
From the time they sent me away

In marriage to a perfect stranger
Who never became a husband
Nor a friend to share my life
My feet will find my way there’.


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