My Karma, my destiny

I see no reason for me being here

There is no reason for me to cry

Destiny emerges to take my hand

To pull me through the agonies

When things go haywire I ask why

For I see no answer for me to cry

But destiny has etched its plan

To drag me on a rope tied to its chariot

‘This is your Karma, this is your fate,

Reap what you sowed in your previous life

The only hope for you now is to ‘Do Good’

You will have better life when you are reborn’

‘How do I know what I did earlier?

If I am reborn shouldn’t I remember

The pains I may have inflicted on others

Please let me go, I want to break free’

Now I blame my soul but my being hurts

Destiny laughs wildly and pulls me harder

My fragile body tears apart bleeding

The soul waves to leave as I draw my final breath.


9 thoughts on “My Karma, my destiny

      • I can understand. Must have been tough and sad .My wordpress reader did not show any of your posts in last a few weeks. Only today when I found the recent one, I saw other posts too. Very beautiful write up. Take care:)

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