The Titanic pose

I feel I have a daunting task ahead of me.  I don’t know what will happen next when I am finally done with it.  Besides my 9 to 5 job and a home to manage, I have been writing a story that actually gave birth in January this year in a little village of Dukuchap.  My husband was in the middle of his landscaping work while I stood on top of the hill with a 360 degree view of the glittering snow white Himalayan mountain ranges to the north and the undulating hills all around me.  The green paddy fields intermingled with the yellow mustard flowers creating a rich fusion of colors while the river meandered lazily below.  This was the most perfect picture going ‘live’ before my very eyes.Image

With the rich sounds of orchestra coming from my earplugs, I stood there with my hands apart, the cool breeze blew hard across my face and there I was transported to another world.  It was the classic Titanic pose!  I told husband to build a boat like wooden structure on the top where people could actually ‘feel’ the effect.  He smiled.  Perhaps he wondered how a boat would look like perched on top of a mountain hill.  And what if the winds blew it away, now that would be disastrous – it would have ‘gone with the wind’.  I have particularly liked that phrase, ‘Gone with the wind’.  Perhaps that thought went with the wind too.  One should get back to reality, I tell myself.


So the point was my story was conceived in that very environment.  I was highly inspired.  Nature is indeed a great source of inspiration.  I must try to do some trekking in the wilderness for the sake of sanity.  Now coming back to my story, well, it’s now almost complete.  I am giving it the final touches.  It should be completed over the weekend.  I think I just made that statement for myself!  The story should be ready to be heard and it has begun to breathe through the pages.  Kaji and Saani will relate their story of love, hope and along with their story there will be insights into generations of diaspora of certain groups of ethnic people recruited from the hills of Nepal and transported to countries far away which continues to this day.  This is not about war but about feelings of such people that must be told.  Being a product of that situation I thought why don’t I say something?

Most importantly, I wanted to tell a story.  Having done that I now feel satisfied. While writing this it has brought forward smiles as well as tears as I tapped away into the night.  Kaji and Saani are alive now and I suspect they depend heavily on me to bring them about.  I just hope I don’t let them down in the process.

My dear fellow bloggers, I am open to all sorts of advice and comments from you as how to go about next.  Come to think of it, I am in the crawling stages too.  If someone gives me a hand to get up and help me find my feet – that would be great.  But perhaps, I will have to learn to get up like a little child, experience a few faltering steps, fall down, get bruised, get up again until finally I learn to walk.


7 thoughts on “The Titanic pose

  1. What beautiful pictures! And your book sounds very interesting. Is it a romance? Have you thought about self-publishing it? There are recourses for self-publishing that doesn’t cost you (the author) anything, unless you want to buy paperback copies for yourself

    • Am glad you liked the pictures. This place is about half an hour’s drive from Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal. Yes the story I am writing is on romance. I would like to learn about self-publishing – please throw some light on this. Should be of interest since I don’t think we have publishers for English writing where I live. Thanks again.

      • I might just have to add “Go to Nepal” to my list of places to visit! The world is all so beautiful in the right lighting!
        I’m not really sure if it will work, but I published two of my books through (eBooks). That is the American version for me, but I think that there is an amazon site you could go into and look at the ‘publish independently with us’ link. (It should be at the very bottom of the page!) It will help you format your book, design a cover, and give you some options where the book will be sold. And then there is the CreateSpace website where you can make paperback versions of your book. I hope this helps!
        Amazon self-publish:

      • Wow thanks for the suggestions. I will surely look into this and also try to find the amazon site in due course. You don’t know how much hope you have given me. I want to visit your blog and learn about you too. It’s almost 10:30 pm here and I must close now. Once again, much appreciated.

      • I am so glad! I really hope that at least one of these options will be available/suitable for you and your book! And I look forward to getting to know you, too! And again, if you ever need anything, I’ll be happy to help! I’m not much of an editor, and am not a romance novel reader, but if you have writing or publishing questions in genera, I’ll do my best to give you a hand!
        Good Night to you! (It is only 10:00 a.m. here!)
        Yours truly,

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