Road sickness

Winding Road, Next 74 Miles

Winding Road, Next 74 Miles (Photo credit: dbaron)

I have done quite a bit of travelling every now and then but I have never got used to the idea of sitting down at one spot while the world whizzed by.  And this may mean hours and hours of it.  Just at one spot, immovable except your eyes and occasionally your hands.

And to make things worse, I have had to listen to monologues on journeys, non-stop monologues in a closed environment until I had the urge to vomit.  ‘Stop the car, please’.  Surprisingly the banter came to a sudden halt, so did the car.  The sudden stillness opened my eyes.  I opened the door to come out slowly while holding my breath lest it all came out inside the car or just outside of it.  Terrible.

The cold wind outside was a blessing as I took out everything I had consumed only an hour ago.  My head reeled and I felt really sick.  What had I eaten?  Some oranges and peanuts we bought from the little makeshift shops on the mountainous roads.  The oranges and peanuts must have moved so much in my tummy with the winding bends of the roads that it decided to come out so unceremoniously.

They waited for me to return to the car quietly.  They somehow respected the pain I was undergoing or possibly imagining my traumatic experience trying not to look back.  Someone handed me a water bottle.  I gurgled and drank some.  I took my time before I got back into the journey again.

When I returned to the car, it was much easier for me now with an empty stomach except for the gastric juices.  The banter began while I went off to a sweet slumber, relieved.


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