Outdoor wedding in the cold

The days were hot when the sun was out and grew cold during the early mornings and night.  All of a sudden the weather decided to change.  The sky was overcast and it rained the whole night.  We were reminded of the cold once more.  My feet began to freeze and my head throbbed.  We got our heavier jackets and fleeces out from the closet again. I caught the cold and my nose watered.

To top it all, there was a wedding I had to attend the next day.  The sun was shining the whole day until it began to rain like crazy from five onwards.  It was a no choice basis – I had to be there.  Cursing under my breath I changed into a flimsy saree with a small blouse.  I put on a tiny black sweater and a shawl hung on the other shoulder.  It wasn’t proper to put on more than that I was told.  I was sure I’d be hitting a 102 degree by the time it all ended. 

Wedding parties are generally held outdoors with Shamianas – excellent for summer but.  For heating system there were some log fires scattered out in the cold.  Meanwhile I glanced across the gathering to find some ladies in backless blouses stroll by!  Some came to hold my hand and they were icy cold.

It was admirable to see such courage while here I was wishing I’d brought along my coat and maybe worn a high neck too.  Perhaps something was wrong with me.



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