Here the winter gently fades off

I see so much winter and cold out there in the blogs.  Here the cold diminishes gently.  It was the first time I heard birds actually singing in harmony outside the kitchen.  It was a soothing orchestra.

The sun gets warmer while we delayer during the day.  The naked bouganvilae stem pushes out the tiniest red leaves.  I refrain from touching dormant plants around the garden in the cold. They just become lifeless and asleep. With the shooting of the new leaves excitement begins.  The forgotten flowers show up to stir happiness and bring forth a smile.  The dormant relationship awakens.  They are now watered and touched and fed.

There is hope for the plants to actually wake up and thrive but not with some old people who have died this winter season.  The cold just got too strong for them.  It seems that we are, after all, deeply connected to nature.


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