The youth in us

I believe that some form of youth stay with us as we advance in years.  The period of youth is certainly the best.  There are bits of it ingrained in us as we transform into adults.  This is the period of innocence, beauty, simplicity, happiness, strength and laughter.

Youth is like a wild horse that flies with the wind.   Some fun and laughter would never hurt anyone. These would add to the joys of living.

Fun and laughter are to be enjoyed not stifled.  There is no harm if I still like to jump for joy and roll with laughter. These are some joys of youth that still live in my heart.


4 thoughts on “The youth in us

  1. Nicely put. I agree, we often loose the pessimism and joys that we enjoy as children. All the more reason to try and get back to a child’s mentality. Keep up the good work!

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