I have decided to write that story….

I must let it out – I was trying to find some inspiration to write a story for a long long time.  Bits and pieces lay scattered here and there in my mind but the moment never came.  I had given up all hopes – with the story dying with me.  And it happened yesterday, just like that.  My mind suddenly decided how the story would take shape.

I’d like to give credit to this medium through which I have been blogging very recently – I can already sense some kind of freedom to write my thoughts and am developing some confidence in writing too.

I must say that I am not a young budding writer but am more than that – in age I mean!  It will be a writing on some childhood experiences with a ‘regimental’ background which may mean some research to go with it.  But it’s going to be a romantic fiction with a flavour of diaspora involved.  The plot is in its infant stage and the stage is set – well that’s a start I tell myself.  My characters are young and I need to grow with them on every page.  It’s strange to find how characters evolve in their own way while all I do is set the stage, glide along and type. The tapping on the laptop begin to sound like little drums urging them to go on.  They wake up to the sound of the drums and we begin where we left.  I suspect this is going to be a long affair which I am sure will be an enjoyable one.

Meanwhile, I hope I will have enough inspiration and energy to go on. I would really welcome thoughts from you on my maiden journey. I read your posts and I see so much feelings and inspiration there.

Have a nice day or night whichever part of the globe you’re in.


2 thoughts on “I have decided to write that story….

  1. Hi Dee, as I work on the story I have somewhat neglected my blog. It’s now one third complete and two more to go. But the road is long and the journey has just begun. Thanks for visiting my blog and following me – I want to read some of your work too. Bye.

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