Serious and light moments

A colleague with previous medical history suddenly complained of a headache and was rushed to the hospital.  The land rover halted in the traffic jam near the bridge.  She stopped talking and I could see that her body was succumbing to a seizure.  Within seconds her body stretched hard and remained lifeless.  The cell phone dropped from her hand.  Oh my god, I just hoped she wasn’t dying on my lap!

Things were moving too fast.  Only some moments ago, we were discussing work priorities for the coming month  and now suddenly I had a life and death situation in my hands.  I screamed at the driver to hurry and we finally reached the hospital.  She was stretchered to the emergency ward.  The nurse got me to remove her knee length black leather boots.

When she regained consciousness she looked around trying to figure out where she was.  She saw me and asked, ‘Did I have a seizure?’  She then tossed around a bit and asked, ‘Where are my boots, Mummy, keep them safely.  Remember the last time I lost the other pair?’  Saying these words, she dozed off.

I looked at her mother and we both giggled.   Her words had somewhat lightened the whole situation.  I just wished for her wellness as she rested.


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