The Wedding Season’s here

The groom enters to take away

His bride in the auspicious hour

Trumpets blare wild tunes

Drums beat loudly in delight.

The wedding season has begun

Heralding the holy reunion

Of the two young people

In holy matrimony.

The wedding house runs haywire

As people rush all over to greet

The groom and his entourage

To seat them next to the holy fire.

Inside the girl fidgets nervously

All dressed up in red and gold

Her heavily made up face

Hides her youthful innocence.

She regrets having given her consent

But now the show must go on

She gives her room a last glance

The rag doll stares back at her.

The door blasts wide open

To pull her from the room

And pushed along the staircase

To be placed next to the fire

The groom keeps his head down

She focuses on the hungry fire

That ravishes the grains

The oil, the butter and incense.


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