A child marriage of sorts

I could not think of anything interesting to write on this blog today so I thought I just might write a bit about my life.

I was nineteen when I was married and the following year I gave birth to a baby girl.   Of course, I couldn’t complete my college – this would haunt me for many years to come.   I missed that valuable portion of my life forever – the life of a college student seeking vast knowledge.  Here I was tied to my home with a baby to nurse and living in a joint family while girls my age would be going for further studies and having fun with their friends.

 This is how I began my practical education in being a mother, wife and daughter-in-law instead.  I learnt what it was like to be a wife and to care for a husband who was the youngest son in the household.  I learnt to be quiet and obedient towards my mother-in-law, sister-in-law and father-in-law.  I was constantly being scrutinised for any untoward behaviour I would unconsciously make. Otherwise they were not so bad.

I learnt a great deal from the women in the house on childcare.  They were crazy about their grand child and cared for her while I went to work in an office.  It would be almost two decades when I decided to complete my Bachelor’s degree studying on a long distance mode.  My children and husband would be amused by my strong pursuit for higher education.  I went on to complete a Master Level course in English.  My thirst for studies was now fully quenched.  I was more interested in writing so would perhaps begin to write essays, poems and stories in the days to come.

 At work my colleagues talk about their growing children while mine are at college.  They ask, ‘How come? Did you marry when you were nine?’   I smile and reply, ‘Not really, but it seems I did have a child marriage of sorts’.    While they talk of their baby’s cold and fever, it sounds quite familiar but forgotten to me now.  When they see my grown up children, I like to hear them say, ‘Oh when will our children grow up?’

One big advantage of having children at an early age is that you tend to grow along with them.  I remember having danced and ran along with them.  We could enjoy going to the zoo, play cricket and tennis together.  I remember tying my child on my back and go to the fairs to buy them lollipops and balloons.  We never got tired of having fun.

I guess my life did not have a normal sailing – it stopped suddenly in my late teens, went fast forward into motherhood and had to be reversed for completing my higher education.



























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