My Mom is no more

Smouldering fire hungrily engulfs

The wasted body piled on firewood

Amidst chanting, prayers, offerings

Her soul finally relieved and FREE….


The house will be the same no more

Quiet empty spaces now greet us

Curtains and covers washed crisp

Marbled floors squeak with delight


Her slippers waited in a corner

Prayer beads lay motionless

Her clothes hung on the hooks

They all seem to be in a trance                  


Medicines lay by the bedside

Waiting to be consumed

Before meals and after meals                     

Will remain untouched forever


Her memory will burn fresh forever

Inside – photos of her luminously glow

Outside – flowers of spring vibrantly show

Lovingly handled, watered, nurtured


Like her own babies till the last day           

Roses, Sweet Williams and Azelias

Soft breeze blow the stifled air away

Soothing the frayed nerves and sighs


‘She’s gone, she’s gone,’ I cry silently

Spraying water on the thirsty orphans

Her roses nodded and swayed silently

You shall always be missed dear Ama…


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